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Sergei Lukyanenko – The New Watch – Ebook Epub Pdf

Sergei Lukyanenko – The New Watch

Ebook Epub PDF

Sergei Lukyanenko Photo

Sergei Lukyanenko Photo

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The New Watch novel is available as ebook in Epub and PDF format.
The New Watch can be downloaded in Epub and PDF format.

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Excerpts from  The New Watch book

HE WAS A FINE YOUNG MAN, ONE OF THOSE WHO HAD COME into the Watch the prior year, and was longing for turning into a field usable. A legit Fourth-Level, with each shot of progressing further. His name was Alexander—or Sasha—and as of late he had been learning at the Moscow Aviation Institute and longing for turning into a space-flight engineer. Individuals like that just turned out to be Light Ones, on the grounds that in 2012 in Russia just a total youngster or a sacred trick could dream of turning into a cosmonaut.

“Anton Sergeevich”— he was making a decent attempt to talk serenely and collectedly, yet there was as yet a slight tremble in his voice—”are you sure they’ll come here?” I shrugged, took out a pack of cigarettes, lit up, and offered one to Sasha, failing to acknowledge his frown of dissatisfaction. He began squirming, at that point came to uncertainly for a cigarette.

I pulled the pack away.

“Don’t. To start with, never smoke. Second, never do whatever specialist figures recommend in the event that you don’t care for it. In the event that I hop off the extension, will you do likewise?”

“On the off chance that vital, I will!” Sasha proclaimed undauntedly.

I gazed down into the dark water of the waterway Moscow with the lit road lights reflected in it (in Moscow the stars in the sky aren’t regularly noticeable). I gestured.

“That is dependably the most significant thing, understanding whether it’s vital or not . . . Sasha, they’ll come here, in light of the fact that this is the place the Call’s coordinated. When I was somewhat more established than you, yet most likely no more grounded, it was hard for me even to detect the vampire Call and to tail it. However at this point I can complete somewhat more . . . what’s more, I realize that the vampire is strolling along the Bersenevskaya Embankment, and the young lady is strolling along the Prechistenka Embankment. Just as of late it has turned out to be very popular among vampires to take their unfortunate casualty on a scaffold, at that point toss the body into the water. When it’s angled out, nobody can determine what the individual passed on of.”

“For what reason wouldn’t they be able to tell?” Sasha asked resentfully. “Shouldn’t something be said about the loss of blood? Also, the imprints from the teeth?”

“Simply consider it,” I stated, extinguishing a haze of smoke. “You’re a scientific pathologist. They present to you a body angled out of the water, significantly harmed, battered against the riverbank or the backings of an extension . . .”

Sasha began turning pale. He was as yet youthful. A decent chap, yet youthful . . .

“Regardless of whether you see that there are little injuries or the like on the body and there is no blood in it, what are you going to think? That there are vampires strolling the avenues of Moscow? Or on the other hand that some youthful trick in affection jumped into the water and spiked herself on a bit of metal as she fell?”

“I would think about every one of the potential outcomes,” Sasha chose.

“That is for what reason you’re in the Watch,” I said.

Sasha delayed while he looked watchfully to one side and the right. At that point he asked bashfully: “Won’t the congregation stop them?”

I looked at the huge, appealingly lit up structure and shook my head.

“Not this one, it won’t stop them. When all is said in done vampires aren’t apprehensive about religion—on the off chance that they put stock in God, they wouldn’t have moved toward becoming vampires. Yet, you’re directly as in an authentic church, a place of worship, can ensure the person in question. In the event that it’s nearby by and the unfortunate casualty accepts. Do you get it? It doesn’t scare the vampire, it ensures the person in question.”

“I think I comprehend,” said Sasha, gesturing keenly. “Be that as it may, is there any good reason why this won’t one assistance?”

“There are numerous elements,” I answered slyly.

Sasha remained there, tinkering with a little lock dangling on the railings of the scaffold. An amusing propensity that advanced darlings have—go to the scaffold, kiss, hang up a lock—and maybe they have bolted up their adoration.

In any case, love shouldn’t be bolted up. That is not what it’s given to us for.

“I can detect him,” Sasha shouted energetically. “He’s coming! From the left!”

“I know,” I said.

“He won’t . . .”

“He won’t detect that we’re Others and he won’t perceive what we truly resemble,” I consoled him—without disclosing to him that rather than me the vampire would see a thin youthful person with a stud in one ear, and rather than Sasha he would see a discouraged young lady. A standard sight for this spot—sweethearts who have dropped out.

“I can detect the young lady as well,” Sasha said with help. “There she is, strolling along . . . why, she’s just about a youngster!”

I turned my head marginally. The young lady strolled past us, looking aimlessly straight ahead, and I concurred: “Indeed, just fourteen or fifteen. That is terrible. In the event that she was ten . . .”

“What’s awful about it?” Sasha asked in astonishment.

Hadn’t he done his exercises? Did he truly not recall that licenses were issued . . .

“They’ve vanished!” Sasha shouted energetically.

I myself saw the vampire, who looked as youthful as my accomplice, make a stride towards the young lady and grin—his teeth had not expanded yet, there was only a black out indication . . . what’s more, the two of them vanished.

“We should go,” I stated, pitching my cigarette end over the parapet into the water with a snap of my fingers. I detected my shadow as opposed to saw it—and ventured into it.

Cold. The typical penetrating cold of the Twilight. The world around was hidden in dark and backed off, sounds wound up gooey, waiting, and inaccessible. Underneath there was a continuous covering of blue greenery. Our feet sank into it like a costly floor covering.

The vampire was standing a couple of steps from us, exceptionally youthful and attractive, nobly pale. He was truly youthful, as well, not simply masking himself as young: he was the genuine article—generally his Twilight picture as an Other would have been very unique.

The vampire was remaining there, holding the young lady and kissing her on the lips. Kissing, not gnawing. Out of the edge of his eye he took a gander at me and at Sasha, who entered the Twilight cumbersomely behind me.

“Night Watch—everybody leave the Twilight,” I said in a uninteresting voice.

I was truly trusting that the vampire would uncover his teeth and give himself wholeheartedly to me. Or then again make a keep running for it. Or then again begin yelling that he hadn’t done anything incorrectly, he’d just kissed a pretty young lady . . .

The vampire quit kissing the young lady and deliberately put her aside—she solidified like a doll. At that point, with a note of hatred in his voice, he asked: “What is the issue here?”

“Anton Gorodetsky, Night Watch of the City of Moscow,” I stated, effectively understanding everything. “Demonstrate to me your enlistment.”

“Indeed, great night,” the vampire said amiably, unfastening his shirt, through which I could see the blue lines of an enlistment mark. “Satisfied to meet you, Anton. I’ve heard a great deal about you.”

“Denis Liubimov, vampire, Sixth-Level,” I stated, perusing from the imprint. “You will now be taken to jail for unlicensed contact with a person.”

“For what reason do you accept that it’s unlicensed?” Denis inquired. “Here!”

A slim sheet of “material paper” spread out in his grasp. I could have spent quite a while horridly checking every one of the numbers, marks, seals and mysterious signs . . . No one but I could see impeccably well that the permit was real.

“She’s not fifteen yet,” I said for reasons unknown.

“Also, I’m twenty,” Denis said. “Licenses are issued starting from the age of twelve, if there are no Others among the close relatives. It’s everything lawful.”

Sasha began breathing vigorously behind me.

“It’s your right,” I said in a completely level voice. I looked down at my feet—and the blue greenery blended as though somebody had sprinkled petroleum on it and set it ablaze. “Be that as it may, you are actually quite youthful, Denis. I don’t contest your rights, yet I might want to advise you that numerous vampires live for a long time without utilizing their licenses to chase. Rather you can be conceded different sorts of benefits under the terms of understanding number sixty-four, article seventeen, of the third of July—”

“I have perused and marked all the required reports, I know my rights and commitments,” the vampire said courteously. “I can affirm by and by that everything will be done as others consciously as could be allowed, easily and rapidly. Furthermore, presently, respectable men of the Watch, I ask you . . . it would be ideal if you leave the Twilight!”

“Why?” Sasha abruptly shouted. “Reveal to me why, you appalling vampire filth!”

I swung round and got Sasha immovably by the shoulder. The exact opposite thing we required was a protest from a vampire to the Day Watch about unjustifiable abuse and separation on the grounds of wholesome inclinations.


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