Agatha Christie – The Murder on the Links – Ebook Epub PDF

Agatha Christie – The Murder on the Links –

A Hercule Poirot Mystery Series Ebook Epub PDF



The Murder on the Links is a detective fiction from Agatha Christie.
It was first distributed in the UK by The Bodley Headin May 1923. At that point in the US by Mead Dodd Co around the same time. It highlights Arthur Hastings & Hercule Poirot. The UK version was sold for 7/6 shillings and sixpence and the US release at $1.75.
The story happens in northern France, introducing Poirot a threatening contender of the Paris Sûreté. Poirot’s having long memory for old events or comparable violations demonstrates that it was valuable in settling the wrongdoings. The book is striking for a subplot in which Hastings experiences passionate feelings, an advancement “incredibly wanted on Agatha’s part… distributing Hastings to married rapture in the Argentine.

Agatha Christie ebooks ara available for free download from dosyataciri.comThe Murder on the Links (Hercule Poirot series) crime novel is available as ebook in Epub and PDF format.
The Murder on the Links can be downloaded in Epub and PDF format.

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A passage from The Murder on the Links:

Poirot lit one of his little cigarettes with his standard exactness. At that point he gazed upward.

“Furthermore, since you see everything now, mon ami, what precisely is it that you see?”

“Why, that it was Madame Daubreuil—Beroldy—who killed Mr. Renauld. The likeness of the two cases demonstrates that without question.”

“At that point you consider that Madame Beroldy was wrongly cleared? That in undeniable reality she was liable of intrigue in her significant other’s murder?”

I opened my eyes wide. “Obviously! Don’t you?”

Poirot strolled to the finish of the room, absentmindedly rectified a seat, and afterward said astutely:

“Indeed, that is my assessment. Yet, there is no ‘obviously’ about it, old buddy. Actually, Madame Beroldy is pure.”

“Of that wrongdoing, maybe. However, not of this.” Poirot sat down once more, and respected me, his astute air more stamped than at any other time.

“So it is certainly your assessment, Hastings, that Madame Daubreuil killed Monsieur Renauld?”

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“My companion,— You will know all when you get this. Nothing that I can state will move Bella. She has gone out to surrender herself. I am worn out with battling.

“You will know now that I deluded you, that where you gave me trust I reimbursed you with untruths. It will appear, maybe, weak to you, yet I should like, before I leave your life for ever, to indicate you exactly how everything came

about. On the off chance that I realized that you excused me, it would make life less demanding for me. It wasn’t for myself I did it—that is the main thing I can advance to state for myself.

“I’ll start from the day I met you in the watercraft prepare from Paris. I was uneasy then about Bella. She was only urgent about Jack Renauld, she’d have lain down on the ground for him to stroll on, and when he started to change, and to quit composing so frequently, she started getting in a state. She got it into her head that he was enthusiastic about another young lady—and obviously, as it turned out a short time later, she was very in that spot. She’d decided to go to their manor at Merlinville, and attempt and see Jack. She knew I was against it, and attempted to give me the slip. I discovered she was not on the prepare at Calais, and decided I would not go ahead to England without her. I’d an uneasy inclination that something dreadful would occur in the event that I couldn’t anticipate it.

“I met the following train from Paris. She was on it, and set after going out without even a moment’s pause to Merlinville. I contended with her for all I was worth, yet it wasn’t any great. She was altogether hung and set after having her own specific manner.

All things considered, I disavowed it. I’d done everything I could. It was getting late. I went to a lodging, and Bella began for Merlinville. Regardless I couldn’t shake off my feeling of what the books call ‘approaching catastrophe.’

“The following day came—however no Bella. She’d made a date with me to meet at the lodging, however she didn’t keep it. No indication of her throughout the day. I got increasingly restless. At that point came a night paper with the news.

“It was horrendous! I couldn’t make certain, obviously—however I was unpleasantly anxious. I made sense of it that Bella had met Papa Renauld and informed him concerning her and Jack, and that he’d offended her or something to that effect. We’ve both got frightfully speedy tempers.

“At that point all the veiled outsider business turned out, and I started to feel more calm. In any case, regardless it stressed me that Bella hadn’t kept her date with me.

“By the following morning I was rattled to the point that I’d quite recently got the chance to go and see what I could. First thing, I kept running up against you. You know everything that … When I saw

the dead man, looking so like Jack, and wearing Jack’s extravagant jacket, I knew! Also, there was the indistinguishable paper cut—insidious easily overlooked detail!— that Jack had given Bella! Ten to one it had her fingermarks on it. I can’t plan to disclose to you the kind of powerless loathsomeness of that minute. I just observed one thing unmistakably—I should get hold of that blade, and escape with it before they discovered it was no more. I put on a show to black out, and keeping in mind that you were away getting water I took the thing and concealed it away in my dress.

“I disclosed to you that I was remaining at the Hôtel du Phare, obviously truly I made a direct path back to Calais, and afterward on to England by the main watercraft. At the point when we were in mid-Channel I dropped that little fiend of a knife into the ocean. At that point I believed I could inhale once more. 

“Bella was in our delves in London. She looked like nothing on God’s earth. I revealed to her what I’d done, and that she was entirely alright until further notice.

She gazed at me, and after that started chuckling … giggling … snickering … it was repulsive to hear her! I felt that the best activity was to keep occupied. She’d go frantic in the event that she had room schedule-wise to brood on what she’d done. Fortunately we got an commitment without a moment’s delay.

“And afterward, I saw you and your companion watching us that night … I was rushed. You should speculate, or you wouldn’t have followed us down. I needed to know the most exceedingly bad, so I tailed you. I was urgent. And afterward, before I’d had time to state anything, I tumbled to it that it was me you suspected, not Bella!

Or if nothing else that you thought I was Bella, since I’d stolen the knife.

“I wish, nectar, that you could see over into my brain right then and there …

you’d pardon me, maybe … I was so unnerved, and obfuscated, and edgy … All I could get unmistakably was that you would attempt and spare me—I

didn’t know whether you’d will spare her … I thought likely not — It wasn’t a similar thing! What’s more, I couldn’t hazard it! Bella’s my twin—I’d got

to do the best for her. So I continued lying. I felt mean—I feel mean still …

That is all—enough as well, you’ll say, I anticipate. I should have confided in you … If I had—

“When the news was in the paper that Jack Renauld had been captured, it was all up. Bella wouldn’t hold up to perceive how things went… .

“I’m exceptionally drained. I can’t compose any more.”

She had started to sign herself Cinderella, however had crossed that out and composed rather “Dulcie Duveen.”

It was an evil composed, obscured epistle—however I have held it right up ’til today.

Poirot was with me when I read it. The sheets tumbled from my hand, and I looked crosswise over at him.

“Did you know all the time that it was—the other?”

“Truly, old buddy.”

“For what reason did you not let me know?”

“In the first place, I could scarcely trust it possible that you could make

such an oversight. You had seen the photo. The sisters are similar, yet in no way, shape or form unequipped for recognition.”

“In any case, the reasonable hair?”

“A wig, worn for an interesting complexity on the stage. Is it possible that with twins one ought to be reasonable and one dull?”

“For what reason didn’t you reveal to me that night at the lodging in Coventry?”

“You were fairly overbearing in your strategies, mon ami, ” said Poirot dryly. “You didn’t give me a shot.”

“Be that as it may, subsequently?”

“Ok, a while later! Indeed, regardless, I was harmed at your need of confidence in me. And after that, I needed to see whether your—emotions would stand the trial of

time. Truth be told, regardless of whether it was love, or an insignificant blip on a few people’s radar, with you. I ought not have abandoned you long in your blunder.”

I gestured. His tone was excessively tender for me, making it impossible to shoulder disdain. I looked down on the sheets of the letter. All of a sudden I lifted them up from the floor, and drove them crosswise over to him.

“Read that,” I said. “I’d like you to.” He read it through peacefully, at that point he gazed toward me.

“Would could it be that stresses you, Hastings?”

This was a significant new temperament in Poirot. His ridiculing way appeared to be laid aside. I could state what I needed without an excessive amount of trouble.

“She doesn’t state—she doesn’t state—well, not whether she thinks about me or on the other hand not?”

Poirot turned back the pages. “I think you are mixed up, Hastings.”

“Where?” I cried, inclining forward excitedly. Poirot grinned.

“She reveals to you that in each line of the letter, mon ami. ” “In any case, where am I to discover her? There’s no location on the letter. There’s a

French stamp, there’s nothing more to it.” “Energize yourself not! Abandon it to Papa Poirot. I can discover her for you as

before long as I have five little minutes!”